Of the Past Our Future Speaks
Once Borrowed Now Lost
Unsinkable Sell Out
Litter Halo Lioness
Patch Fix Problem Solving
Fractured Façade
Banded Grid Symbiosis
Where Do We Draw The Line?
No Way Out
Change the Way You Connect The Spots
D-Day Diet
The Green Depression
In The Blink Of An Elephant Eye
Beyond Borders, Between Butchers
Perfection Plus One
Common Crimson Circulatory Systems
Half Remembered Wild Freedom
Barely Casting Shadows

Shadowed Heirlooms

This collection of mixed media artworks will contemplate themes of nature in relation to the unlived tomorrows of future generations, by contextualizing environmental conditions as inheritable assets being handed down family trees. “Shadowed Heirlooms” intends to initiate awareness on the environmental evils endured by untamed Africa through conceptual, wildlife-centric collage canvases.

Asher Jay’s recent visit to the feral frontiers of the Dark Continent moves her to shed light on the myriad issues confronting Kenya and Tanzania’s Safariscapes now. “From lax regulations, inconsistent waste disposal methods, climatic change, habitat destruction, absence of trash segregation and recycling (all garbage is disposed off in make-shift landfills), to the lack of viable solutions, alternatives, government incentives, rigid laws and funds that can execute feasible plan Bs, African wildlife are facing more threats than tourists. At the heart of the problem are arrogant, ignorant visitors, reckless poachers, and apathetic tour guides, all of whom simply do not consider the long haul in their daily arithmetic. The savannah is so expansive it spreads from sunrise to sunset; are we willing to extinguish all the life that thrives between the horizons?”

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